What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Applying pressure to these reflexes, by the thumbs and fingers, may reduce tension and stimulate circulation, thereby improving the body's vitality so that it can heal itself.

A Reflexology session also promotes deep relaxation for the whole person. In this relaxed state, all of the body's systems have an opportunity to come into balance. Many recipients express that their mind is calmed, their body is relaxed and their spirit is rejuvenated.

Reflexology offers benefits to people of all ages, from infants up to elders, and for those in various stressful occupations and activities. Reflexology is a valuable addition to a person's wellness plan but it is never used to diagnose, treat or prescribe in any way.

A Reflexology Session

A Reflexology session begins with a Client Intake form and a small discussion on the reason for the session. The client then lies face up on a massage table, remaining fully clothed, with blankets and pillows for comfort. The feet are refreshed with an aloe vera wipe, misted with a natural foot spray and an observation is made of their condition. The client is encouraged to close their eyes to embrace this quiet, healing time for themselves. Conversation is best saved for after the session but the client is welcome to chat during the session, if they prefer.

The session begins with relaxation techniques, followed by precise thumb and finger walking techniques applied over all of the reflexes on both feet. The pressure is purposeful and not ticklish. Medium pressure is used, and adjusted, to encourage relaxation in the reflex areas. Often clients describe a tender area as a 'good pain' but it is important to let the practitioner know if an area is too tender.

The session is concluded with a calming technique on the reflexes, using an organic/non-fragrant lotion. A final 'towel- brisking' energizes the feet and completes the session. It is best to plan a quiet hour or two, after the session, to fully enjoy and assimilate the relaxation benefits.

History of ReflexologyReflexology

Reflexology has ancient roots. There is evidence of the use of Reflexology as early as 2330 BC in ancient Egypt, and also in ancient China and India.

Dr. William Fitzgerald, head of the Throat and Nose Department at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut (1902), is recognized as the person who introduced "Zone Therapy" to North America. Zone Therapy formed the basis for Reflexology as it mapped out the longitudinal zones in the body.

Dr. Shelby Riley, MD, of Washington State, worked closely with Dr. Fitzgerald to expand the Zone Theory further by adding horizontal lines to the map of the body so as to determine the individual reflexes.

Working with Dr. Riley, was a physiotherapist by the name of Eunice Ingham. She was fascinated with the idea of Zone Therapy and began developing her reflex theory by working on hundreds of patients. She mapped out the organs on the feet and was able to determine that the feet held a mirror image of the organs of the body. Eunice published her first book, "Stories the Feet Can Tell," in 1938, and became known as 'the pioneer of modern Reflexology'. She traveled and taught workshops for almost 40 years and was assisted by her nephew, Dwight Byers.

International Institute of Reflexology (IIR)

In 1968, based on his aunt's dedication and teachings, Dwight Byers took over the responsibilities of promoting and instructing Reflexology worldwide and formed the International Institute of Reflexology to preserve and maintain his aunt's teachings.

After traveling the world and teaching "The Ingham Method" of Reflexology for over 50 years, Dwight has recently semi-retired. At the age of 90, Dwight continues to be active in the IIR office and plays tennis weekly... a true testament to the health benefits of Reflexology.

In 2010, Teresa studied with Dwight Byers and IIR instructor, Deborah Dowker, to become a Certified Reflexologist with the IIR. She repeats this training every 2 years to maintain her certification and her proficiency.

International Institute of Reflexology138x138

Reflexology Association of BC (RABC)

In 1969, the Reflexology Association of BC was formed and has been promoting and maintaining high ethical and professional standards in Reflexology for over 45 years.

Teresa is an Approved Practitioner with the RABC. Continuing education units are required to maintain this status and be a member in good standing. The designation 'Approved Practitioner' allows her Reflexology sessions to be covered by some health benefit plans.

Reflexology Association of British Columbia


"I so appreciate the fact that I have gotten to know you and discovered that your Reiki is for me. A session with you is as relaxing as a day at our cabin (just a note that a trip to the cabin is a lot of preparation, coming to see you... I just show up... Thank-you!!"
J.F., Vernon BC

"My first ever reflexology treatment was with Teresa and what a great choice she was! The studio was a quiet and relaxing place to be. My comfort and ease was most important to Teresa while I was there. The encouraged silence during the treatment was appreciated too, enabling me to fully relax. The pressure used during the reflexology was firm yet gentle. I did not know what to expect during a session and enjoyed the whole process. I left feeling very pampered and calm. Thank-you for a very pleasant introduction to reflexology. I can certainly see the benefits!"
Debby K.,  Vernon BC

"The class gave me a whole new appreciation for Reiki, a deeper more profound experience. I highly recommend Teresa as a Jikiden Reiki teacher!"
K.H.,  Vernon BC

"I had an amazing time learning and practicing Reiki for the first time. Thank you for instilling in me the importance of those practicing before us. Your deep respect for Usui Sensei, Mr Hayashi and Mrs Yamaguchi was felt and shared so openly and lovingly. This was something that I hadn’t thought about before deciding to do this program and now I think about them all the time especially when I start to practice on others. My series of Reiju were quite powerful. The Gokai helped me... Saying out loud and emphasizing Just for Today gives me strength to face the day just as it is. Thanks again Teresa, I appreciate everything you taught me; spoken and unspoken!!"
D.C.,  Vernon BC

"My experience with Reiki was a surprise.
I was used to hands on therapy so didn’t know what to expect from a therapy that didn’t “touch" me.
I went to the session with back pain that had not completely healed from the 3 fractures in my back and 3 broken ribs.
I had a session with Teresa that was warm and gentle and to my surprise, very healing.
My back felt better than it had in months. The fear I was holding on to, to protect my back, was gone.
Teresa is an amazing intuitive therapist that I completely trust."
D.D.,  Courtenay BC