What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique that was discovered and developed by Mr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), in Japan. The original name for this healing system is, "Shin-Shin Kai-Zen Usui Reiki Ryo-Ho", or "Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind".

It is a 'hands-on' healing system that naturally re-awakens a person's own innate healing abilities. Reiki may benefit the person on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Recipients often comment that they experience a deep sense of peace, relaxation and clarity, with varying levels of relief from their current condition.

The Reiki practitioner is simply a conduit for the healing energies to flow thru to the person who is receiving Reiki. The practitioner does not use their personal energy or direct the energies to create a specific outcome.

The beauty of Reiki lies in its simplicity, effectiveness and practicality. It can be learned by anyone, regardless of their education or spiritual development. It was Mr. Usui's intention to share this healing technique with society so that people could improve their well-being and live a happy and peaceful life.

Uses For Reiki

Reiki offers positive effects on both the mind and the body. It has been known to offer relief for minor ailments such as coughs, colds, cuts, burns, bruises, headaches and muscle injuries. For more serious conditions that require medical treatment, Reiki offers support by encouraging a quicker recovery and may help to reduce any possible side effects. As Reiki also enhances mental and emotional balance, it offers benefits to people in stressful situations or occupations.

A Reiki Session

A Reiki session begins with a Client Intake Form and a small discussion on the reason for the session. Depending on the areas of concern, the client lies on a massage table either face up or face down, remaining fully clothed with blankets and pillows for comfort. A Japanese cotton towel is placed lightly over the head. The session begins with the practitioner's hands on the head, then to the feet and specific body areas. The session is completed with a Reiki finishing technique, which is explained in person, so that the client can decide if this is comfortable for them. It is best to plan a quiet hour or two, after the session, to fully assimilate and enjoy the benefits of the session.



"I so appreciate the fact that I have gotten to know you and discovered that your Reiki is for me.  A session with you is as relaxing as a day at our cabin (just a note that a trip to the cabin is a lot of preparation, coming to see you ... I just show up ... Thank-you!!"
J.F., Vernon BC

"My first ever reflexology treatment was with Teresa and what a great choice she was! The studio was a quiet and relaxing place to be. My comfort and ease was most important to Teresa while I was there. The encouraged silence during the treatment was appreciated too, enabling me to fully relax.  The pressure used during the reflexology was firm yet gentle. I did not know what to expect during a session and enjoyed the whole process. I left feeling very pampered and calm. Thank-you for a very pleasant introduction to reflexology. I can certainly see the benefits!"
Debby K.,  Vernon BC

"The class gave me a whole new appreciation for Reiki, a deeper more profound experience. I highly recommend Teresa as a Jikiden Reiki teacher!"
K.H.,  Vernon BC

"I had an amazing time learning and practicing Reiki for the first time. Thank you for instilling in me the importance of those practicing before us. Your deep respect for Usui Sensei, Mr Hayashi and Mrs Yamaguchi was felt and shared so openly and lovingly. This was something that I hadn’t thought about before deciding to do this program and now I think about them all the time especially when I start to practice on others. My series of Reiju were quite powerful. The Gokai helped me ...Saying out loud and emphasizing Just for Today gives me strength to face the day just as it is. Thanks again Teresa, I appreciate everything you taught me; spoken and unspoken!!"
D.C.,  Vernon BC

"My experience with Reiki was a surprise.
I was used to hands on therapy so didn’t know what to expect from a therapy that didn’t “touch" me.
I went to the session with back pain that had not completely healed from the 3 fractures in my back and 3 broken ribs.
I had a session with Teresa that was warm and gentle and to my surprise, very healing.
My back felt better than it had in months. The fear I was holding on to, to protect my back, was gone.
Teresa is an amazing intuitive therapist that I completely trust."
D.D.,  Courtenay BC